Our purpose is clear.

There are thousands of veterans who are in need of the type of health care services that pose a threat to their financial stability, and to that of their families. At the same time, there are resources available to many of these veterans, in the form of VA benefits.

The problem is that for those who are aware of these resources, the steps to attain them appear complicated and time-consuming.

What we provide is a free service to guide veterans and their families through this process.

We work with:

  • Individual veterans and their families, to help them attain the Aid and Attendance pension and find the appropriate care service
  • Case managers, discharge planners, social workers, in-home care professionals, local placement agencies and Veterans Service Officers to help their clients find the right care plan

Veterans have earned the right to care without financial strain.

We believe that veterans and their spouses should have access to the care that they need, and that care should be a source of comfort and not a source of financial stress.

Preservation and protection

Many American veterans are faced with steep ongoing care costs. We believe their service has earned them the right to obtain the personal care they are entitled to, while preserving what savings they can for future family goals.

Efficient and stress-free process

For those eligible for the Aid & Attendance pension, we believe the process to attain it should be free from undue delays and complications.

Staying informed

We work to ensure veterans are aware of their options, to inform health care facilities and professionals of the resources available for their patients, and to communicate with veterans' families to maintain clarity and understanding.

Higher quality of life

The care veterans receive should improve their quality of life, because of the service itself, and because of the income they’re receiving through the Aid & Attendance pension.


Alex Dela Cruz

Senior Consultant & Founder

Alex Dela Cruz has been helping American veterans and their families acquire benefits through the Veterans Administration (VA) since 2004. Through a consistent process and a network of professionals, he guides his clients through the transition into in-home care, assisted living or skilled nursing, while attaining the Aid & Attendance pension.

In 1988, Alex began work as a Respiratory Care Practitioner in hospitals in Northern and Southern California areas, where he helped many elderly patients and war veterans. He also gained a detailed familiarity with the processes and procedures of the hospitals, and their patients’ options for in-home care, assisted living or skilled nursing. In 2004, Alex founded American Veterans Benefits, specializing in meeting the needs of veterans looking for in-home care, assisted living or skilled nursing. He saw that his knowledge of VA health care benefits, as well as his existing network, could allow him to help veterans better preserve their savings and obtain the benefits they need.

Today, many veterans and their families are unaware of the Aid & Attendance pension program, and Alex works to inform them of their options and help them acquire the full benefits to which they’re entitled.

In my 15 years as a Respiratory Care Practitioner in my early career, I worked with many elderly patients, including veterans and surviving spouses. I was able to see first-hand the importance of the care that these individuals require, and the struggle that they can go through when the costs start to add up. This experience has since developed into the mission of American Veterans Benefits.

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