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The Veterans' Aid &

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We help veterans and their families to
attain full VA benefits.

Veterans have earned the right to care without financial strain.

American war veterans are entitled to certain benefits through the Veterans Administration, including a unique program called the Aid & Attendance pension. Our purpose is to help qualifying veterans and their spouses to attain this pension, through coordination with their families, health care providers and Veterans Service Officers.


Veterans & Their Families

"It gives me great pleasure to recommend Alex Dela Cruz for his expertise and knowledge in submitting my application the Veterans Administration for the benefits that I was totally unaware of, which ultimately resulted in me being approved in an expedient manner."

WWII Veteran
"Last fall Alex assisted my father in qualifying for the Aid & Attendance program. He expertly guided my father step by step through the application process and provided useful care planning advice. The end result is that my dad has retained his independence and dignity. He is safe and happy in his own home with help from his caregivers."
Son of WWII Veteran
"Learning that it would take almost a full year to receive additional funding for my mother added additional stress on top of an already stressful situation. Alex’s efforts secured my mother with the additional $1056.00 per month that she needed, in a two-month time frame. Words alone simply cannot begin to express my gratitude."
Daughter of Veteran
"My mother is a 96-year-old widow of an Army officer who served on active duty for 30 years. Alex provided to me invaluable assistance and information regarding the Veterans Aid & Attendance program, and my mother is now approved of the benefit, which will help close the gap on the financial requirements of her care."
Son of Veteran
"It's not easy to wade through the process of a government agency; it can be confusing and frustrating. Alex’s help has been complete and thorough throughout the entire process and we cannot thank him enough for always returning our calls and answering so many questions."
Daughter of Veteran

Care Professionals & Social Workers

"We would like to thank Alex Dela Cruz with American Veterans Benefits for all of his help in obtaining the Aid & Attendance pension for not only my mother, but for so many of the patients that come through the local hospital and are unaware there is any such monetary benefits. Through Alex’s knowledge, dedication and professionalism, he has become a vital resource to our hospital."
Registered Nurse
"I invited Alex to come into our local hospitals, skilled facilities and assisted livings to help educate the case managers and social workers. Since that time, with Alex’s help there are well over 1000 veterans in our county alone that have receive the Aid & Attendance Benefits. It is with great pride that I can say I continue to work beside someone whose work ethics, professionalism and compassion are beyond reproach."
Senior Care Consultant
"American Veterans Benefits has been a wealth of knowledge and endless resource when it comes to long-term care, Medi-Cal, in-home care, assisted living and the VA Aid & Attendance Benefit. Each family has only given me the highest praise for the professionalism and compassion in working with their individual circumstances."
Laurie, MSW
Clinical Social Worker
"As the Director of Social Services is it my responsibility to develop a safe discharge plan for each of the residents. Alex has provided emotional support, legal resources, and a wealth of knowledge to our veteran residents and their spouses in their time of need. His dedication and follow-through are exemplary."
Director of Social Services

Attorneys & Veteran Service Officers

"During the past 10 years that I have worked with Alex, I have witnessed his honest work ethics, compassion, dedication, his knowledge and complete understanding for veterans and families. Few are more educated than Alex in the VA pension program. As a Vietnam veteran, I have the utmost respect and gratitude for his services in assisting my fellow veterans."
Veteran Service Officer
"Alex Dela Cruz and his team at American Veterans Benefits are my first call when clients need help with VA or Medi-Cal benefits. They have been assisting veterans and seniors for over 17 years, and their knowledge and professionalism are unparalleled. I can always rely on their prompt, caring and compassionate service. If you or your loved ones need help with VA or Medi-Cal benefits, just call Alex."

Key Benefits of Working with Us

Without proper guidance, it’s common to run into delays and other issues while sorting through all the paperwork, following arduous application procedures and weighing all the options for care. Our service comes with the benefit of simplicity, as well as the following advantages:

2024 Maximum Monthly Pension Values








Veteran and
Veteran Spouse


Veteran with
Sick Spouse

Our purpose is clear.

We believe that veterans and their spouses should have access to the care that they need, and that care should be a source of comfort and not a source of financial stress.

The Veterans’ Aid & Attendance Guide

The Veterans’ Aid & Attendance Guide is our free service to provide veterans with their VA benefits.

After over 13 years working with veterans and more than 29 years working with elderly clients, I’ve seen the difference this pension can make in the lives of veterans and their families. They can preserve their savings, while still getting the long-term care they need."

Alex Dela Cruz
Senior Consultant & Founder

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